The Dungeons of Silmeria
In CHAOS, dungeons are randomly generated, making each game unique.

The plan, the number of rooms, of creatures, quest objectives, chests... Everything is randomly generated for each new game started.
Exploration of a dungeon

Dungeons are actually labyrinths, rooms and corridors are built over several levels. Each dungeon offers its own visual theme, ennemies and some dedicated quests.

The Game Master (the player who started the game) can set some game parameters like the difficulty mode and the Hardcore mode.

The adventure will start in Fort Merals and won't end until the boss of the dungeon is defeated, or when the Game Master close the server.

During your exploration, you will sometimes face more dangerous enemies than common undeads. Commonly called Champions of Chaos, these monsters are a real challenge for players and will offer an exciting fight sequence. Stay vigilant because Champions of Chaos may attack you when you do not expect it! Moreover, Shadows or Dark Golems randomly spawn around you so you will never be safe as long as you'll stay in the darkness of dungeons.

Each dungeon is kept by a powerful ennemy that you will have to fight with caution, the best equipment and a coordinated strategy. Great rewards await heroes who will bring down this monster.

The action takes place in an ancient temple of Nerhacte corrupted by a fault opened on the Deepholm. Populated of atrocities engendered by Chaos, it is divided into three distinct levels :
-Prayer Halls

Each floor offers an adventure full of battles and mysteries, with lots of quests and treasures, with creatures as terrifying as dangerous, and for the heroes who will emerge victorious, glory.