The Game
In PvE mode, you can play CHAOS in LAN or on-line, solo or with teamates.
The player who start the game hosts the server on its machine.
The others players can join his game by using the ip adress of the host machine.
Starting a new game

When you join a new game, your character starts at level 1.

Your character's objects, equiped or stacked in your personnal vault, are saved as well as all points that has been spent in your Skill Book.

All the discovered location of teleportation circles are reset just as merchants goods.

Objects that live...

The bonuses given by equiped objects are directly dependant from your character level. While your character grows up, these bonuses will grow up too, until they reached the maximum value.

One example :
The Slaughter Axe, Level 7, will give 2 points in your Strength capability if you equip this weapon at level 1, but 9 points (the cap) at level 7.

The tooltip of this object should look like this :

And die...

All objects have a value which represents its health points. This value is based on its own Quality and Rank and is called Durability. The higher Quality and Rank, the higher Durability.

If the Durability value falls to 0%, the object is simply destroyed. By the way, you can not repair your equipment !

Weapons and armors lost some Durability percents in these following cases :
- when your character uses a skill
- when your character recieved damage
- when your character dies

Even your best blade will break sooner or later, and then you will have to find another weapon !

Book of Skills

Your character has six active skills.

During your adventure, you gain experience and can earn up to 30 levels depending on the difficulty chosen when creating the game. At each level up, your character's attributes will grow naturally and you will receive a number of points to spend in the Skillbook .

Skillbook offers the ability to customize each skill of your character by adding Modifiers. You need at least 1 point to activate a Modifier. The following points will increase the efficiency of the effect to a maximum of 10 points. It will, however, spend your points wisely because all Modifiers can not be mounted at their peak!

Each skill has 5 Modifiers, adapted to the class. The first two modifiers are available at character creation, while the following three ones are locked.

Modifier n°3 : can be buyed at Fort Merals with gold pieces
Modifier n°4 : can be droped by a boss of a dungeon
Modifier n°5 : can be buyed at Fort Merals with Victory Points

All modifiers can be found at Black Market if you have enough money, of course !

Remember that your character starts each game at the level 1, but the progression of the Skillbook is saved. It will play many parts to advance your Book of Skills to the maximum level.


Taking a closer look the interface of the Skillbook :

In the cartridge:
-the name of the effect (yellow if it is a base effect, blue if it is a locked effect)
-the number of points being spent in this effect

The buttons (from left to right):
- Remove a point
- Add a point
- Add as many points as possible

Under the cartridge:
- The description of the effect
- Base: the value of the effect before specialization
- Bonus: the value of the effect modified by points spent

There are a multitude of Modifiers. Here is an excerpt:

- Cooldown
- Casting Time
- Length
- Energy Cost
- Range
- Heal
- Stun
- Snare
- Sleep

Reseting Book of Skills

You will be able to reset the Book of Skills and all points spent will be returned. This should be done in the presence of the Weapons Master and will be intentionally expensive. More informations to come...

-Like intelligence, mastery is not something that can be learned, it is acquired. But you seem lacking of one and the other !

Daz, Hierophant from the Dawn of Ice
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