What is CHAOS ?
Chaos is an heroic fantasy RPG that immerses you in an war for survival of Silmeria and Gods themselves.

Alone or with teamates, you will fight dread creatures to the depths of three dungeons, and then defeat the Avatar, a monstrous being, born from the power of Chaos.
Game Mode
CHAOS will be playable in single or multi-player games.

In PvE, CHAOS can be played in both LAN or WAN (In first case, no internet connection required).
In PvP, an internet connection will be required to join hosted games (The NET IP adress of the host shall be known).

Regarding hardware, CHAOS should run with low settings on most of nowadays machines. Indeed, a dual-core processor with 4GB RAM and a graphics card with at least some shaders capabilities should do the trick.

Note :
To host a multiplayer game, you will need a broadband internet connection.