The World

1. A bit of history2. Fort Merals 3. Teleportation circles
4. Quests5. Equipment6. Data backups

1. A bit of history

From snow capped peaks of Njördiack to the wide, stretched lands of Ha-Dys, this country once full of promise was now in the grip of Chaos. Released from Deepholm by the felon god Methem, Chaos has spread to the world as a disease, devouring the souls of the peoples of the Silmerie.

In a final burst of courage, the armies of five kingdoms joined forces and swooped down on the ruins of Branilv at the heart of the region Ymar. This was where the world of Men had cracked, releasing Chaos from its jail of darkness. But brave warriors fought a too powerful enemy, indifferent to steel and fire. When the last of them finally died, the king Meldorian realized that the world was entering so dark times that the light itself will be forgotten. Secluded in the white stone fortress which overlook Rhianon, the proud city of Silme, he contemplated his kingdom one last time before that Chaos spreads its shadow on.

But although humanity seemed to prepare for death, the gods offered men a last present: the weapons to fight.
In a few days, the same stories began to travel throughout the Silmerie.

Thus, it was told that a disciple of Brohmar became in flames while praying and hadn't suffered any burns, or that a Paladin of Nerhacte had fully healed a dying person. In Agrimaar, a disciple of Aelien seemed able to completely disappear into the shadows while in Ha-Dys, a scribe of Stabia could freeze time within a few seconds! It was even said that a woman had resurrected her husband by praying Yshante.

The gods had offered to men some powers and extraordinary abilities, but for what purpose ?
To stand in the way of Chaos... and perhaps win ?

The story will tell.

Your story.

2. Fort Merals
Fort Merals is the village where your adventure begins. It's a safe place, offering a variety of services :
- Merchants
- Quests
- Vault keeper
- Arcanist
- Black market
- Teleport Circle

When you die in dungeon, if no player from your group can resurrect you or if your priest is dead, you can use your menu's button called 'release' in order to be sent back to the village.

In Chaos, the action takes place exclusively in dungeons when you play in Adventure Mode.
3. Teleportation circles
Teleportation Circles are portals that maintain a link between a village and the various levels of the nearest dungeon. They allow players to travel more easily and quickly. Thus, a player can resume exploration of the dungeon at exactly the same point where he left off, without having to re-cross the upper levels already known.
4. Quests
During his adventure, the player will have to accomplish some quests offered by non-playing-characters in Fort Merals. The chance takes also a significative place into the quests rewards system, but in quests' objectives too. For each new game, quests will be randomly generated in order to offer an unique adventure.

In Chaos, quests are sorted into 4 types :
- Hunting ennemies
- Stalking a specific creature
- Look lost artifacts
- Kill the boss of the dungeon

Each task will be randomly built, and in a greater or lesser important way. For example, you may have to find the Sword of Justice. In this case its location and the difficulty to access this item are random.
5. Equipment
Armor and weapons acquired during adventure will increase the power and endurance of characters. At the end of a game, or each logout, all items are saved and available again for the next game.

The power of an object is classified according to a color code :

In Chaos, armor and weapons are not endless. Throughout fights, the durability of the equipment will inescapably reduced to reach 0 and then, the object will be destroyed, regardless of its level, rarity, or quality.
6. Data backups
Players' datas are saved automatically at each logout and are stored on user's machine.
No data backups are provided by 4Realms.